Monday, 1 September 2014

Babies, Lusaka and eBooks.

We've been very quiet of late. So quiet, in fact, that you'd think we've been off giving birth and moving countries.

But that's exactly what we've been doing! Louise gave birth to a lovely baby boy, Nicholas, and Leani moved to Lusaka, Zambia. However, this doesn't mean we haven't been working hard on the next installments of Idea War, The Folds and ... is that a Ripmender sequel I see emerging? 

We've also been approached by some amazing writers with big plans for their books and careers seeking tips and advice, sometimes hugs. Leani met with a true inspiration: Makhiba Mollo - a business woman with a helluva story to tell. In fact, watch this space. This lady is going places. We've also seen our share of the good, the bad and the ugly in terms of manuscript submissions.

Remember: if you're sending your manuscript to publishers, make sure you've had it read by people who owe you nothing and can offer constructive criticism. Join a writer's circle, submit short stories to magazines (there are some great local publications) and foster those connections. This way you can get valuable advice on your writing. You may only have one shot for your work to be seen by a publisher, make sure it's perfect.

Our Young Adult books: Idea War: Volume 1, The Ripmender and children's book The Guardian's Wyrd are now also available on Obami, the award-winning, social learning management system. Tell your teacher-friends. And it's for free!

Future bookworm in the making.
Leani's inner grammar-Nazi is going to have to be purged.

Stay tuned fellow readers and writers, there's some exciting news around the corner!

Leani & Louise